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Sunday, May 20, 2007

That Funny Feeling Again

A couple of weeks ago, I was still feeling a little run-down from being sick. I had no energy and just felt blah. One night, I realized it had been a while since I had my period. So I go take a pregnancy test...

Yep, you guessed it. And with the impeccable timing of hubby and I, we are due on Baby Girl's 2nd birthday - January 3rd. Poor BG. Not only does she have to share us but she'll have to share her birthday too.

Although I'm guessing this baby will come on New Year's Eve so we can enjoy the tender care of bitter nurses who'd rather be out having fun. Not fun. Unless, of course, we can get the free Pampers for having the first baby of the year.

You would think because I've done this all before that it would be a piece of cake but, in reality, I'm freaking out. Every ache and pain has become something to panic over. Take the fact that I just had the miscarriage, add to that the fact that the antibiotics the doctor gave me for my illness are completely unsafe during pregnancy and I'm a total mess.

I didn't even think about the antibiotics at the time because I was so sure I wasn't pregnant. Well, and I was pretty delirious too. But I had none of the same symptoms as I did with Baby Girl or the pregnancy that I miscarried a few months ago.

Friends have been surprised too. One friend said that she didn't even know we were trying. I was like, that's kind of a weird conversation to have. "Did you watch American Idol last night? The hubby and I are totally having sex so we can procreate!"

I'm half jokingly predicting a boy this time because it's so different. I've had some nausea but mostly weird cravings. Stuff I haven't eaten in years. Lots of meat, Rice A Roni, Spagetti-Os, etc.

I'd write more but I have a steaming bowl of Pork N Beans waiting for me and the zygote. Gotta go.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day special video

I haven't really posted yet about my comedy group. I was planning a post on that for next week but today Yahoo! picked one of our videos as a featured video for Mother's Day. It's something I wrote and directed called Fess Ups. And, really, it's a product every mother wishes she had at one point or another. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Assault and Pajama-ing

One of my favorite memories from Dallas is the night M. and E. decided they wanted to help get Baby Girl ready for bed. They thought it would be fun and easy. Little did they know! It took about 10 minutes of all three of them giggling their heads off to get her dressed (and her thumbs free from the sleeves).

And all's well that ends well. Although it did take about an hour and a half and a walk around the neighborhood to get Baby Girl to actually fall asleep after all that stimulation!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Adventures in Dallas

Baby Girl planning her takeover of the world, starting with Southfork.

Playtime at the park for the kids...and moms.

E. and Baby Girl - fast friends.

M. makes Baby Girl giggle with a little Pooh humor.

Baby Girl, M. and E. wishing we lived a little closer.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hallucinating in Hollywood

Scenes from A Clockwork Orange mingle with scenes from my childhood. Baby Girl's face floats in and out while random celebrities offer me bits of advice on bizarre subjects.

That pretty much describes the last week for me. I was sicker than I can remember ever being. Hallucinations, fever, agonizing wracking cough, and a throat so sore that it was actually bleeding.

I think my hallucinations may even have included me shooting JR, thanks to our Southfork visit. Yes, Baby Girl and I had a great time in Dallas, doing some touristy things and hanging with friends. I'll post some pictures in the next day or so.

Things started going downhill the last day of our trip. I woke up with a sore throat and a bit of a cold. That morning, a series of storms moved into Texas, including tornadoes all over the state. Flights were cancelled left and right. Baby Girl and I sat at the airport for 4 hours waiting for an available plane. Then, we sat for an hour on the runway, waiting for a flight plan that managed to avoid all 57 storms apparently raging.

Finally, we took off and spent 4 hours in the air, rather than the planned 3 hours, due to the storm avoiding. Picture 10 hours with an active toddler, by yourself, the last 5 in a tight enclosed location. Oh, boy, was it fun!

Actually, Baby Girl was amazingly well behaved. Especially considering we ran out of snacks and milk toward the end. The nice man behind us handed over his pretzels to keep us from potential meltdown.

Throughout the 10 hours, I started feeling worse and worse. When we landed, I actually made hubby drive me straight to the emergency room. However, being the weirdo that I am, decided that I was too sick to sit around in a hospital waiting for help.

Instead, I went home and suffered, until the lovely husband took the day off from work on Thursday and insisted that he take me to the doctor. A week of antibiotics later, I'm actually feeling human again.

My poor manager had to reschedule 7 pitch meetings. I was so delirious on Wednesday that I told her I thought I was good enough to go to a meeting. Thank god she didn't believe me, maybe it was the fact that I started speaking in tongues.

Not that meetings being rescheduled is a big deal. Some of the rescheduled meetings have already been re-rescheduled. Anyway, it's been a week of catching up and we have 3 more meetings tomorrow.

We're feeling good about the response we've been getting - not that anything means anything in Hollywood. At least we feel like we've been memorable. We'll see what happens.