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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Feeling Paranoid...

It's too dang hot to blog but guilt has won out. I'm working hard on a writing deadline now (hopefully some good news to post about that soon) and planning a trip to Italy with Baby Girl. An Italian friend made me an offer I couldn't refuse - a friends/family pass and some cheap digs with her Italian family. Whoo-hoo!

Although I'm feeling a bit paranoid about travel lately. See, I think I'm a bit of a bad luck bringer. Let's count down what's happened after my recent trips -

  • A trip to Thailand in November 2004 - A tsumani in Thailand December 2004

  • A trip to New Orleans in June 2005 - Hurricane Katrina in August 2005

  • A trip to Minneapolis in July 2005 - Bridge collapse in August 2005

Oh, I should add that I recently taped an appearance on a game show - Merv Griffin's Crosswords. And now he's dead.

Am I Schleprock? Seriously, is the leaning tower of Pisa history?