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Friday, February 01, 2008

School Days, School Daze...

Yep, Baby Girl started preschool this morning. Everyone told me to prepare to be sad and maybe even cry. I had quite the opposite reaction after dropping her off - total glee!

OK, I'm not totally a sociopathic mom. Yes, I was excited about having some free time but I'm also really excited for Baby Girl. She loves having other kids around and she just doesn't get enough of that.

After going through hell trying to find the "right" place, we finally found a place that is heaven for her - huge play house area, giant outdoor playground, piles of puzzles, blocks and other building materials and so much more. We actually chose an "arts" preschool...which basically means...more coloring. YAY!

Seriously though, they focus a lot on music, dance, arts and crafts, gymnastics, etc. All the stuff that BG can't get enough of.

Here's some pics of her first day:

She had such an awesome time that the only time she cried was when I carried her out the door to go home. Apparently, I'm not nearly as much fun as a room full of toys and kids. Who knew?


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