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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The horror!

I had a very full day yesterday. I met my actor friend Tim at Universal for the big "bring a celeb to strike" day. Tim is a regular reader of the blog but never posts a comment. Maybe finally being IN the blog will inspire him.

Anyway, we tried actually picketing at first but got tired of fighting our way past the myriad camera crews. Of course, they were all there to get reactions from the celebs - most of who I wouldn't have known if they smacked me with their picket sign. The only reason I even noticed most of them was because they had cameras in their faces. Tim was laughing at me because I watch television more than most people in the universe.

And yet I am still the absolute worst at recognizing celebrities. Well, not the absolute worst. One of my friends saw someone that looked familiar and started questioning him.

"Don't I know you from somewhere?"

"Um, I don't think so."

"I definitely know you from somewhere."

"Well, I'm an actor."

"I don't think that's it."

"Look, I'm Robert Blake."

Ohhhhh, never mind.

Actually, it's not just celebrities I have trouble remembering. I've seen a few people that look familiar to me walking the picket line but I'm too embarrassed to talk to them. Because they're either going to tell me that they're my next door neighbor and I'll feel like an idiot, or they'll tell me they're on TV...and I'll feel like an idiot.

Case in point, I'm at a neighborhood carnival and a woman stops me and Baby Girl to say hello. She definitely knows us and I'm desperately trying to place her. She has a baby so I must know her from a moms group or something... The hubby walks away so I can't even buy a clue from him. I make awkward conversation for a while and still can't figure it out. After she leaves and the hubby comes back, I ask who it was.

"Seriously? That's our pediatrician."

Oh jeez. Yeah, just the woman responsible for keeping my precious child alive. No big deal.

Anyway, after the rally, Tim and his roomie and I went to In-N-Out for burgers. Yum! Then I realize that I am hosting playgroup this afternoon and since I took the Metro to the rally, I'm barely going to make it home.

This is the second time I've hosted playgroup and the second time I've barely made it home in time. I end up offering snacks like stale broken tortilla chip pieces and dried fruit. Luckily the women in my playgroup are cool.

Everyone talks about the crazy competition between moms, especially in L.A. I guess some of that's true but most of the moms I meet around here are great. Anyway, two hours of refereeing toddlers who all want the same toy and I'm exhausted.

Still, we have a meeting tonight to talk about our online sketch comedy stuff. It's now the one project I've got that's still got deadlines.

It's kind of weird that I'm on strike and yet feel busier than ever. I tried to tell Baby Girl I was on a mommy strike today but she just laughed.

Ohmigod, I just realized something.

Baby Girl is a studio executive!


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